american sex education be like




May you find relief from the bad memories of your past that make you feel unworthy

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Check in at if you have any other questions.

There is also the Abortion Pill (Mifepristone).  It can be taken up to 9 weeks (but is most effective up to 7 weeks and check the laws in your state). It is comparable to a miscarriage and after getting the intial dosage from your medical service provider, you take the rest at home and go through the process at home.

This is super important, valuable information that I think many people don’t know. Also, when you go to an abortion clinic (I at least know this is true for Planned Parenthood) there’s a counseling meeting where you discuss the alternatives with a doctor and sign a consent form saying that abortion is what you really want. A lot of people who oppose abortion will want to tell you that abortion clinics and reproductive health centers will try to convince you to have the abortion, but that’s just not true. (I mean, only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortions. Family planning and community health centers like Planned Parenthood are often more concerned with prevention and awareness and other aspects of health. They’re more interested in helping you have options than they are in only giving you the one.)

Nor is it true that any medical center will throw the embryo away in a dumpster after the procedure. I’m sure none of you really thought that, but slander is a vicious thing that spreads and becomes true in the eyes of those who want to believe it because it fits into their agenda.

Additionally: know your rights. When I worked at Planned Parenthood, I learned that protesters are not allowed to be in front of the building or in the parking lot. They have to stay on the sidewalk, further away from the building. They are not supposed to try to convince you not to go into the building, nor can they physically block you from going in or follow you inside. You have to be let in by someone already in the building, which means that any appointment you have there - counseling, a check-up, a mammogram, an abortion, a testing - will be confidential and safe.

This is vital information everyone with a uterus+ovaries should know, whether you think you’ll ever need it or not. Even if you think “personally I would *never* have an abortion” — because there are too many things that you aren’t thinking about (rape, cancer, accidents, infections) that may turn abortion from “a choice for *other* women” to “literally life-saving for *me*.”

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won’t drink lukewarm water but i’ll put another person’s genitals in my mouth

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deedee this some nasty ass coffee i hate u so much but the pussy game ridiculous

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David Delamare

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Skull, found in France, with a knife still embedded it it.  The skull belonged to a Roman solider who died during the Gallic Wars, ca. 52BC. It was on display at the Museo Rocsen in Argentina.  

Whenever I see things like this, I wonder how they died. I guess it will always be a mystery.

I’m gonna go with “Stabbed through the head” 

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Space-Saving Design Ideas

Space saving furniture

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how do boys actually dry their ducks after they shower like

do you just grab it in the towel and roll it between your hands like a dough snake

or do you swing it around to air dry

I need to know


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Harley is a gift from God.

This is why Harley is like my all time favorite!

Why did they leave out the best part of this scene?;





The character development of Harley is probably one of the better things DC has done with their characters.